BATS CMT Figure format explanation
     Figures in this directory, numbered according to their origin time, show the complete result of waveform inversion.  Seismograms of three components (V: Vetical; R: Radial; T: transverse) from BATS stations are used.  The station code, azimuth, epicentral distance,  name of velocity model, and the frequency band used in the inversion are shown at the top of each set of seismograms.  Thick and thin  races are observed and synthetic waveforms, respectively. The normalized maximum amplitude and corresponding misfit are near the beginning of each trace.  The absolute amplitude scale is shown near the bottom.  The focal mechanism is shown in lower-hemisphere projection with shaded area showing compressional P first motions. Dashed lines represent the corresponding best double couple solution.  The solid dots or bottom positions of P, T, and B letters represnt corresponding P, T, and B axes, respectively, while the open triangles show projected locations of used BATS stations.  The newer version also lists the geometry parameters of two inferred fault planes.