BATS Instrument Response (Simple version)

* Please note that all the SAC files archived in the BATS Event CDs have been corrected in the CMPAZ and CMPINC parameters already. As for those SAC files extracted from the full SEED volume, these two parameters are well allocated in the header portion. Users can rotate the seismograms under SAC environment with the given header values without problems.

* BH channels are for high-gain, velocity; BL channels are for low-gain acceleration. See the 6th field explanation.

Field Explanation:

1 STN : Station Code
2 Start Time : year,jday,hh:mm:ss.ssss
3 End Time : year,jday,hh:mm:ss.ssss
4 HPcorner : High-pass corner frequency (Hz) of the response
5 LPcorner : Low-pass corner frequency (Hz) of the response
6 System : transfer constant (M/S/Count for BH, M/S/S/Count for BL)
7 Equipment : Sensor type/ digitizer type
8 CHN : Component Name
9 CMPAZ : Component Azimuth (deg. clockwise from north)
10 CMPINC : Component Incident Angle (deg. from vertical)

Last updated: March 10, 2016

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