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Data Availability

BATS is now composed of 36 broadband seismic stations deployed inland of Taiwan and the surrounding islets, including two in the South China Sea. All these stations are transmitting data back to DC in a near real-time manner. According to IES data policy, BATS waveform data recorded 6 months before present is open to the public.

BATS DC is collaborating with IRIS DMC to archive and distribute BATS waveform data in terms of IRIS facilities. The network code of BATS is "TW", which is a registered code under the FDSN framework. Note that only BH? (broadband in 20 samples per second) and BL? (strong motion in 20 samples per second) channels are available in this case.

Due to environmental limitation, GPS timing quality for NACB and WFSB were unstable before May, 2001.

If you find the BATS waveform or CMT data is useful, please consider to cite BATS:

  Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (1996): Broadband Array in Taiwan for Seismology. Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Other/Seismic Network. doi:10.7914/SN/TW

and provide proper acknowledgement to the Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.


Real-Time Data

Since 2004, BATS has exchanged real-time data streams with IRIS for 7 BATS stations (KMNB, NACB, SSLB, TPUB, TWGB, YHNB, and YULB). Users can access to this real-time dataset through IRIS or BATS/FDSN web services:



Station Information

If you select full-SEED output files, then the station inofrmation, including coordiante, instrumentation and response, will be attached in the files. You may also look up the details from webpage at :



Web Services @IES

We have established a new on-line data request interface for BATS waveform data at BATS DC. This interface is now available at:





Last updated: Jan. 11, 2021